Donnerstag, 21. November 2013

Depeche Mode in London, the 3rd!

I was so happy as I arrived in Greenwich, London after a depressive day & night in Lille.
My hotel "King William" was very comfortable  and had a nice pub.
All the people there was extremly friendly, so I went in a very good mood to Picadilly Circus to shop in one of my favourite food store some mustard.
If you don't know "Fortnum & Masons", go, visit it next time in London.

Then I met a good friend of mine from Cologne. He was working in London at this time and it was funny to be together in London.
We had a good meal and walked trough Soho to Covent Garden, to the Somerset House, along the river Thames and back to Soho with some stops in several pubs to grease our dusty throats, hicc!

I discovered some new places, never been at seven dials, a wonderful small place with a pillar in the middle of a junction of seven roads! Beautiful!

I love London!!!

Next morning after very good vegetarian breakfast in the pub of my hotel I started to my last episode of river Thames traverse but in this case it is not the right word because I went through the walking tunnel.
So far I crossed the river wirh the tube ( under water/ on water ), walked and drove over many of bridges, with a ferry, by airplane and cable car. Now walking under the water, cruel.
Next time I have to swim.

The entry of the tunnel is at Cutty Sark, an old british clipper ship from 1869 what is now preserved as a museum ship located in Greenwich!
I got a little bit claustrophobic feeling in the tunnel and was happy as I reached the north side of London.

Then I got the chance to visit the reopened Tate Gallery with a bigger exhibition of british art then before and a wonderful new spiral stair in the front hall.
They have so many sculptures of Henry Moore, a british sculptor which I love!

I walked through a few of my favourite streets of London  for example the "Belgrave road" where I
Had a hotelroom as I was the first time in London to see Depeche Mode in January 1988.
Then it was a washed-up neighbourhood with very cheap hotels, but I didn't have enough money for a better hotel.
The owners of the hotel came from East Europe and their English was maybe still worse than my English. They had many plates with references in bad English: " pleese, closs the door " or " do not cook on the carpit". But I Stayed then for a week and had a good time there. They called me " good girl" because I helped a little bit to clean the breakfast room every morning.

Now it is a glamorous place with redecorated houses. Not bad neighbourhood anymore.

I had a good lunch in another favourite street: " the Wardour street" in Soho.

Time to go back to Greenwich and I made a long bus trip from Holborn to Greenwich with line 188.
Good interesting and cheap sightseeing tour.

Two hours later I arrived in the O2 arena, drank a beer in one of the many bars there and joined in with music from Depeche Mode.

In the arena I upgraded myself to places directly beside the stage at the left side and spent a wonderful evening with many nice guys from Italy, South Africa, New Zealand and London.
It was a good concert, Martin sang " Leave in silence" but I missed Dave's laugh from the summertour.
The spark was only at about " Just can't get enough"! But that's my opinion, it is normal to have ups and downs if you see so many concerts like me!

The evening ended with a big party at the Union Square bar in the O2 with my new friends.
Special thanks to Jacqueline and Jenny, was so nice to meet you. Lucky me!

Bed, sleep, long trip to the airport, flight, back at home and today after 12 fucking years Depeche Mode will play in my hometown tonight!

Homematch, yeah!!!

" seven dials"


Under river Thames

Tate Gallery

Sculpture of Henry Moore

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