Sonntag, 24. November 2013

Depeche Mode in Hannover or a true story written by life

Saturday morning my friends picked me up in Cologne Deutz and we drove to Hannover.
My Cologne friends had rooms in different hotels but I had an appointment with my friend Mirko from Otze, a small village near by Hannover. The next small town is Burgdorf, and in this small town I lived the first 5 years of my life.
So let me tell you a true story written by life :
In 2001 I flew to New York to see Depeche Mode two times at Madison Square Garden.
Good concerts and a wonderful week.
But I came back home and had a strange feeling of " I need more!",
More concerts, more United State of America.
It was the second time for me in New York and I loved this city, but I got the feeling New York isn't America.
But no one of my friends wanted to come with me to Los Angeles, where Depeche Mode played two weeks later.
Then I read in the German Depeche Mode fanclub forum a post of a guy who was searching a travelmate for exactly this trip.
Yes, believe, I answered him and he wrote me his phone number for speaking live about the travel.
I read the number and thought, strange this is the area code of Burgdorf my old homeland, where I spent my first 5 years.
I called him and the first question of mine was" Are you living in Burgdorf?"
" Yes", he answered, " how could you know?" and  I told him my story and we laughed together at the phone and in this moment I knew, yes I will travel with this guy to Los Angeles.
It was an unbelievable trip, we had so much fun together, saw really good concerts, visited the Rose Bowl stadium and other wonderful places in California. We got an impression of the " american way of life" together and enjoined the time together.
We are friends since 2001 now and visited so many concerts together since this time.

Now I came back to Burgdorf the first time since 1994.
1994 died my grandmother, she was the last bond to Burgdorf, so I never had a reason to come back.
Now I'm here in Otze and tomorrow I will visit together with Mirko and to other friends from here some places of my childhood.

Now a few words to the concert of Depeche Mode at Saturday night in the Tui Arena.
I need not many words for this concert: same set ( Martin sang "Judas"),
but Depeche Mode was unforgetable great at this evening and the crowd stood every where in the arena from the first moment, so the conditions were right at this evening and in my opinion after Milano and Rome it was the best concert, anyhow the best indoor concert of the tour!!
I had so much fun with my friends from Hannover and Cologne, wonderful to spent time with them all.
Nobody around me was in a bad mood, nobody felt disturbed by our sreaming and hopping.
Best song " Enjoy the silence" and "Pain, that I used to", where Dave went the first time on the catwalk at this tour.

After the concerts we met some friends from all over Germany, such a great feeling to see many of them again and again!

We had a late dinner together and than we drove back to Otze.
Today I spent the whole day with many friends of Mirko, very hospitable guys, thank you for having me here.
Now I have to sleep, I'm so happy tonight. I saw the starry sky on me.
It is not possible to see the stars in Cologne like here and with this impression I go to bed now!!
" See the stars are shining bright!"
Good night!

Picture of me taken by Lars Schumacher, thank you Lars!




With Frank from Stuttgart ( picture by his wife, thank you!)

With Sylvia and Alexandra

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