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Depeche Mode in Bogota, Colombia at March 16 or Schulzi on Machu Picchu Mountain

The morning after the concert we have to leave Mexicocity very early. Next stop Lima, where we spent only a few hours at night to take a connecting flight to Cusco from where we wanted to travel to Machu Picchu.
We reached Machu Picchu the next early afternoon after some unexpected stops on our way ( the airplane couldn't land in Cusco because fog and other difficulties. The last part was the best, we took a train from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu and the travel was along the river Urubamba and we saw the great green mountains of the Andes,  that was so unbelievable beautiful, you have to do this by your own. Pictures cannot build up what we saw. Every picture looked like a postcard, to clean, to perfect. The best memories , the best pictures are in my head!!!
After a short stop in our vey small hotel " Andino" we took the bus up to Machu Picchu. A real crazy trip up the serpentines. It is better you don't look down! 

We spent in awful sunny afternoon at the Machu Picchu Ruins. This old town was build by the Incas in the 15.century in a high of 2430 metres. An unbelievable effort. 

Very soft and sweet llamas live there. 
I enjoyed this beautiful and calm atmosphere.

Wonderful view, a goody for the eyes and ears, really far from civilization we know.
The evening ended with a meal of Quinoa and vegetables, before we layed early in our beds.
Next morning after a breakfast of fruits, Arkadi and I took again the bus to Machu Picchu platform.
Isa rested in the hotel because the day before she sprained her ankle.

I had very hard problems with my stomach, convulsions, pain. 
It rained without a stop and it was unbelievable cloudy. This wasn't the best settings for the 650 meters way up to Machu Pucchu Mountain, but I saw the way as a challenge. I came to this mountain to reach his top, a personal challenge for myself. Yes, it would have been a greater experience if we have had a view from the top, but I was so really happy as I reached the top after more than two hours walking upstairs an unbelievable number of stairs. The last hour the stairs were so rampant and very close to the cliffs, it cost me quite an effort to step up higher and higher. I developped my own kind to conquer the Mountain. I walked up nearly 100 stairs very quick and then took a short pause. My stomach convulsed and convulsed, I was not sure why, maybe a gastroenteritis, or the altitude sickness, or  because the vertigo. I asked many people which came back from the mountain" how far to the top?" , the first said" 30 minutes" the next one ten minutes later "40 minutes" and so on. Finally two mexican guys said: "5 minutes" and it was the truth. I was so wet and breathless as I reached the top, but so lucky, so proud!!! I did it, can you believe it?

The way upstairs was easier than I thought, I lost my fear, the vertigo was gone. 
I did many crazy things on this tour like the funny attractions at the " Stratosphere" in Las Vegas, but nothing can top this experience. 

I spent a last hour down at the old buildings of the Incas between llamas and tourist. 
It was crazy to imagine more than 500 years ago nearly 1000 people lived there in this small stone houses. They build a efficient waste water system. An unbelievable wonderful small town. Then a last crazy bustrip down to the small village. Even the Machu Picchu village is so special,  no cars ( only the few busses for bringing the tourist up to the mountain and back), many of sweet funny streetdogs and the friendly people who live and work there. A beautiful getaway of the normal way of life.
Unfortunately I became really sick as I came back to my hotel. My host took my wet clothes for drying and I took a hot shower, but the fingers of the travel gastroenteritis grabbed my stomach and retched it. I rested for the remaining day in my bed and next morning I felt a bit better and so we left this great place in direction of Cusco, where we spent the rest of the day.

Many people told me, what a wonderful town Cusco is, but I cannot share this fascination, it's a shock after this two peaceful days at Machu Picchu mountain.
And so I was really happy as we sat in the plane to Lima, where I finally met my friend Martin of Cologne.
We traveled a long time together and we had so many years the dream to go together to Southamerica, see Depeche Mode. 
He started his tour in Bogota and so he was on the concert of them, while I was at Machu Picchu.
He said, it was a very good concert with a little bit nutty Dave... he missed his entry at " Going backwards" and they had to start again.....Maybe he had altitude sickness, too?
Later he was to late to announce Martin L. Gore while "Enjoy the silence"! 
Martin told me, every person got two beer, no more, strong arranged.
He enjoyed the concert and the city. A city which has more cars then residents. Not very touristic at all!
Here are a few pictures he made in Bogota!

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