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Depeche Mode in Moscow, February 25 or Goodbye Winter

I spent nearly 12 days at home between the concert in Gdansk and Moscow.
12 days, I didn't be 12 days at home for a long time. From January 11 on I was the most time on the road, I slept so little. Don't know how I survived the last weeks. But it was such a happy time and so we were fired up for the last gig of the third leg of the Globalspirittour.

4 years before I was in Moscow for the last concert of the "Delta Machine Tour". It wasn't a good concert and I was so sad after the concert. Not sure if I would see Depeche Mode again.
But I saw them again and this really often. Moscow was concert number 52 on this tour for me! 
And I was happy to be in Moscow again, because I like this city very much. 

But it was so freaking cold this time, almost minus 20 degrees Celsius, which is about 14 degrees Fahrenheit. But sunny and dry, so it was ok. And the snow was white, not so dirty like in Cologne.

The first evening we had a great meal in a small restaurant which specialized in pelmeni.
Pelmeni are small stuffed dumplings, similar to the Polish pirogues or the Chinese Wan Tan.

Then we drove by "Uber" ( the private taxi app) to the Preshow Depeche Mode Party.
The Party was in a small basement bar. But we were to early. It was a little bit like in a party cellar in the 70ties. 
It smelt of sausages, which turned on a grill grate and the beer tasted musty. Unfortunately not very inviting, so we escaped to the bar opposite our hotel where we each drank a very delicious cocktail and then threw ourselves into our warm hotel bed.
Which, by the way, was very comfortable due to the good mattress. " Hotel Old Town",
 a small nice and not expensive hotel in a pedestrian zone. Very close to all the sights like the Red Square and the Kremlin.

And after a nice breakfast in a coffee shop called Prima, where I ate a vegan beetroot sandwich ( they had more vegan options than I can find in Cologne for breakfast!) we walked over the Red Square.
Wonderful place with the unbelievable St. Basil's Cathedral and the department store "GUM".

We had a great morning. Then we visited the Kremlin. Inside the walls of the Kremlin are numerous religious and secular buildings - cathedrals, palaces and administrative buildings - from different eras. The Kremlin is the oldest part of Moscow, it dates from the 15th century and served as the residence of the tsars. Enjoy my pictures.

I will come a third time to Moscow, then in summer, to visit all the other interesting places of this big city, but if you have only two days, like us, you have to visit the Red Square and the Kremlin, even  if you have already seen it!

Before we went out to eat, we drank a "samogon", which is a home-made vodka. We drank it in the "Four Seasons Hotel", a luxury hotel right on the Red Square, which was rebuilt in the 30s style of the legendary Hotel Moscow, which previously stood in the same place.
Of course, Depeche Mode slept there, but we were out of luck this time.

Then another ride by Taxi to the sports complex Olympiski ,which is a multifunctional hall. It is also known as the Moscow Olympic Hall, as it was built for the 1980 Summer Olympics.

But inside it was so unorganized. No beer, only a few wood tables where you could buy bland long drinks. The sound at the beginning wasn't very good and it was the biggest front of the stage area of the whole tour, nearly the whole standing area was the front of the stage area. The fans stood so close to each other, so we decided to go to the right side where we had lots of space to dance. And we danced the whole time, sang a last time together on tis third leg.
We enjoyed it so much and from song to song the mood and the sound became better and better.
A wonderful " Goodbye" to the winter. Dave spoke a lot, but he mumbled strongly, unfortunately he was hard to understand, but he was in a good mood. Solved and relaxed.
I didn't take a lot of pictures, because I danced the whole time as if it were the last time.

No setlist changes. But I have to say, I find the setlist now so perfect and the whole show. It is a party setlist. Dave is the movie star and we're the extras. We copy his terrific drama. But it is not just rehearsed by the paper, no, his presentation comes from the depths of his soul, it is simple and honest and who recognizes this, like this setlist. I do not need more to be happy.
And were not we all made happy by Depechhe Mode? Man and woman, old and young, heterosexual and gay, people of all countries and all skin colors?

" Going Backwards", a very good dramatic opener

"It's no Good", The pirouette party begins

" Barrel of the gun", very good version and the end is really surprising!

"Pain, that I used to"...a invitation to party!

"Useless", so useful

" Precious", at the latest here, the audience  always rages

'"World in my eyes", Yes, Depeche Mode are the world in our eyes.

" Cover me". what an unbelievable song. Here Dave shows every concert what a great entertainer he is.

Mr. Gore with "Insight"

" Home"
Depeche Mode is my home

" In your room"
Powerful version, a short moment to breathe

" Where is the revolution", the single, good screening, boring song

" Everything counts"
How my friend Michael said: "but for this song the tour was worth it"

yes, it is a soul striptease 

" Enjoy the silence"

I'm back where I always wanted to be.

" Never let me down again", the text is program

" I want you now", thank you Martin for this wonderful song

" Walking in my shoes", yes, please try it.

" Question of time", Mr. Gahan and his relationship to his Microphone stand. 

"Personal Jesus".
Can't live without.
Jesus Christ himself.

We heard that Depeche Mode left Moscow directly after the concert.
They have only 14 days until the next concert in Mexico, well deserved holidays.
But we drank another drink ( Moscow Mule) in the Four Season Hotel, to celebrate this last evening together. It is a big Goodbye. Not easy, because we spent so many days and nights and concerts together. It was a wonderful time with you all and I will miss you all.

Goodbye Moscow, Goodbye my friends.
Goodbye Depeche Mode.
Goodbye Winter Tour, 
Goodbye Winter.

What an amazing leg, what an amazing start into 2018 with this 13 concerts.
The Cologne Concert was my favorite but all the others were great, too.
Best part of the tour so far and I'm now very excited to go the first time in my life to Southamerica to see Depeche Mode again.

                                                               " Take my hand 
                                                                  Come back to the land 
                                                                  Let´s get away 
                                                                  Just for one day"

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