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Depeche Mode in Mexicocity, March 11 or " I thank you for bringing me here!"

Time was running so fast after the Moscow concert, because there was so much to do before the great adventure trip to Southamerica.
Saturday morning we finally left a cold and rainy Cologne with a flight via Amsterdam to Mexicocity, our first destination. After 14 hours travelling we arrived in the early evening in Mexicocity. 


Ciudad de México, 8,8 millions residents and about 20 millions residents the whole region surround Mexicocity.
As we left the airplane we all three ( I travel with my friends Arkadi and Isa) have a feeling of dizziness. We were really surprised, Mexicocity lay on 2300 meters altitude. 
Our journey will bring us to Cusco and Machu Picchu Mountain, both about 3000meters altitude and I got really anxious.
We took a " Uber" ( private taxi ) to our Hotel. Hotel PF, located in the Zona Rosa, a quarter with many restaurants and cafés, near by the "Angel of independance", a monument really simular to the " Siegessäule " in Berlin.
The hotel was very clean and comfortable.
We had dinner, not easy for me as a vegan in this city.....
After dinner we went to bed, we all had a few symtoms of Anoxia!

But next morning everything was fine and after a breakfast ( fruits and juice for me), we started a walk through the city passing the Angel, the Parc Alameda, the " Palacio de Belles Artes".
We took the elevator to the observation deck of the "Torre Latinamericana", from where we had a wonderful sight over this huge " Metropolis"!

Next station was the "Plaza de la Constitución", called by the Mexicans " Zocalo".
A huge place with an ultradimensional flag of México!
The Zocalo is the heart of the city and this place was even the heart of the old Aztec City Tenochtitlan.
You can visit the rest of an old aztec temple there. 
But we visited the Cathedral of Mexicocity, the biggest cathedral of Northamerica.

Then it was time for an early dinner, we visited the " Bar Bukowski" in the calle Hamburgos. All streets in our quarter have names of big cities. There we drank our first Margarita. But it was a myth, that México is the country of Margarita. They drank usually Tequila, the Margarita was created in the USA, in the period of prohibition, not in México!

I got there in the Bar Bukowski vegan tacos, so I went happy to our first concert of this leg.
We used the Metro, the price for one ticket was 5 Mexican $. 0,25 Euro. 
The Metro net is easy to understand, every station has a special sign, it is not necessary to read a map. I think it is made for all the people who cannot read and unluckely I think this is not rare in México. I saw many childrens running through the streets when they have to be in school, I ask myself if they don't have school attendance?

The Baseball stadium Foro Sol has a concert capacity of 55000, but the newspapers wrote next morning, more then 60000 people saw Depeche Mode at Foro Sol.

Around the stadiums were so many small stalls with unofficial merchandise of Depeche Mode stuff. I've never seen this before, wow. We needed a long time to buy a few good t-shirts. Inside the stadium I bought two official T-shirts. 
One with the Southamerican dates and one only made for the Mexican concert with the mexican flag on the left arm. Hope there will be such a shirt for every country they will play in Southamerica!

We had places really far away from the stage, but I love to have this great view over the whole stadium. You could breathe the amazing athmosphere.
They were many flying beer sellers, so we didn't have to leave our place the whole evening for getting enough beer.

Finally Depeche Mode entering the stage. The sunset was very early and so it was already dark. Sometimes I hate all the people with their mobile phones, but they had a great fan action there. In one area all the people had red cellphone screens, in the next white screens and then green screens. The Mexican flag! That looked so beautiful.

Nobody was seating, the atmosphere was unbelievable.
I couldn't believe, I was finally in México!!! It was a longlife dream of mine to visit Southamerica and see Depeche Mode! Ok, México isn't Southamerica, but I started my trip through Southamerica there and I was so happy to be part of this great concert. Cannot describe it...

Unfortunately the sound wasn't very good, but we had a great concert ( no setlist changes except Martin sang  "Strangelove" again).
But inspite of all this circumstances it was an amazing concert.
The first three songs Dave was very concentrated, no " thank you", he only sang his songs.
But after his powerful "Good evening Mexicocity!" he was tbe entertainer we know.
He made an unbelievable show, he is a kind of tumbler, we saw his funny moves on the two big side screenings! He got so many applause, the audience loved him so much.
"Cover me", the moon dance was so beautiful and two songs later "Home": I got out of my socks!
These words: " And I thank you for bringing me here", I was deeply touched and tears ran from my eyes. 52 years old and a longlife dream came true. I'm so thankful for this!!!!

"Everything counts" was great but not as much we knew from Europe.
But "Enjoy the silence" and " Never let me down" were amazing, what a party.
Best song was " Personal Jesus"! I sang so loud as I could " Reach out and touch Dave" with the fans surround me, happy to be a part of them.

Dave was the Personal Jesus of this Mexican fans, you could touch this feeling.
After the Goodbye the stadium rested a short while without light. We saw a few cars leaving the stadium: Depeche Mode! 

Then we walked again through the streets of unofficial merchandise and picked up a taxi to go back to our hotel and fell happy into our beds!!

And I thank you 
for bringing me here.....


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