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Depeche Mode in Vienna, February 4 or takeover by Alexandra

I couldn't go to Vienna, because the 18. birthday of my younger son. So I ask a friend to write the blog for this evening.
My friend Alexandra did. I know her since this tour, she is a friend of my beloved friend Michael from Switzerland and the chemistry between us was right from the beginning.
So read what she has written for us:

Depeche Mode in Vienna, February 4, 2018.

We were at the stadion around 6:45PM and placed us in the approx. 10th row. The waiting began. The support band EMA in my opinion was not bad, though no emotions came up at all. Everybody was eagerly waiting for DM.  8:45pm punctual as always, the sound began, wohoooo.. Let’s get the party started.

For my boyfriend it was the first gig on the tour, for me, the 6th and probably last one  I was very much excited to share this event with him (it was his last year bday-present for me.

I found the atmosphere sensational. People were singing from the first moment (even for Front of the stage I do not take it for granted). The room was boiling and I could hardly breathe because everybody stood so close to each other.. phhh… I kinda felt like a chicken in the cage (compatible to Dave’s chicken dance....)

The setlist was great, but I hoped Martin would sing „Sister Of Night“. This would definitely have been IT for me  However, „Insight“ was very beautiful and „Strangelove“ fantastic. „Home“ anyway is always nice with the singing crowd at the end. Gives me goose bumps every time.

Hard to say what my personal highlight was. Martin is always one, for sure!

I love „Everything Counts“ at this tour. That song, I believe is the the first song where the very last people finally stood up and also started partying  (I read comments that people got pissed off in the seating ranges because people stood up in front of them.. no comment).
„Stripped“ was top, one of my faves. And of course "The pain that I’m used to".
 As soon as the song starts, I start jumping around..  Such a cool version of the song ! Absolutely lovin’ it !
The movie at „Walking In My Shoes“ I find rather distracting to that beautiful song.

The band was in a very good mood and to see Dave swirling around is always a great pleasure. This man has got such charism.  It’s nice to see if a band still enjoys what they’re doing after so many years. And DM fans are the best anyway!! So many people stand outside all day, freezing their a** off for hours, but have paid for an „early entry ticket“ and in the end have to run to get to the first row. Crazy  (and they are over 25.. ) Others standing outside the hotel in the cold waiting for an autograph  Some of them were VERY lucky.

I was very happy and smiled  nonstop for 2 hours. I wish I could have stopped time..
A Slowakian girl we met with her brother at the FOS-area said for her a DM gig is kind of a therapy. How right she is,  let yourself go…

Thank you, dear Alexandra for this very good review. Exactly to the point!
Hope you will come in summer to Berlin. I wish to celebrate the last concert with you.

And I will share to pictures with you, my friend Michael made it. He met Christian Eigner in front of the band hotel and finally he made a picture with him. We asked him in Torino, but he didn't want a picture. But here in Vienna he was more friendly. Next day Michael got the chance to meet Martin and Andy. They signed finally his picture he made a few years ago in Santa Barbara. We have to catch Dave in Poland! Stay tuned!!

Last but not least two pictures by my friend Ohst. He sent this pictures directly after the concert.
I had a lucky evening with my son and friends but  there was a small drop of bitterness  wasn't in Vienna together with them. Thomas wrote the concert was amazing and he would give the concert the grade 1 if I had been there, so only a 2! Thank you my dear friends, so happy to be together again tonight in Krakow with you!!!

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