Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018

Depeche Mode in Milan, January 29 or " in his room"

We woke up in the late morning and had breakfast together in a small cafe. Then we walked through the city, a whole day long on foot.
Enjoy my pictures. First and foremost I travel because of Depeche Mode, but I love exploring cities and I like to come back to a city to really explore it to the last corner.

" Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II"


you have to eat ice-cream in Italy

always addicted to Depeche Mode

Naviglio Pavese. the canals of Milan

Santa Maria delle Grazie

here you can visit the " Last supper" by Leonardo da Vinci

don't miss the " Aperitivo"

Milan at night

The day ended with two bottles good vine in our wonderful hotel lobby.
Next morning we had breakfast again in the "Pasticcheria Scaringi".

Then we went by one of the small trams to the "Cimitero Monumentale", an old imposing  graveyard. But it was closed on Mondays.....

We had a last great lunch together. We ate near by the "Corso Como", a shopping and dining complex in Milan, where many Italians eat their lunch, so it is worth to go there only for lunch.

We spent a lazy afternoon in our hotel room and drove again in the early evening to the "Mediolanum Forum" . As we came out of the subway the arena was shrouded in fog....spooky.
We met friends of Switzerland in the Food court and then we walked in the arena.
I had a seating place right beside the stage. It was an interesting view. I saw the audience a little bit like the band do and I can tell you, it is an amazing view but if I stood in front of the crowd and knew, I have to deliver my best ...... Respect!

I saw again how hard Mr. Gahan have to work. He moves in 2 hours more than most people throughout the day, it os high-performance sports.
We were so close and near by his small black camp beside the stage, where he spent the time while Martin sang his songs. We could see through a small gap how he quickly changed his clothes and then put on new make-up. He was completely alone there, a woman handed him his fresh clothes and took the sweaty things with her. Only Mr. Eigner went briefly to him. I felt like a spy, I looked into his room.
We saw Mr. Kessler. he came always out to receive the band when they left the stage.

I like most that I didn't see the screenings from my place. My attention was only on Dave and I saw his wonderful performance to " In your room".  He danced with his microphone stand as if this one was a woman. So wonderful. The screenings distracting from Dave and he has to work more because nobody can see him from the higher places....The same happened every evening while " Walking in my shoes". I'm tired of this film, I want to see Dave and so it was a successful evening for me because I saw every move he made.
" Policy of truth" came for " Where is the revolution" and  I went crazy as I saw how Dave danced like a stripper or pole dancer with his microphone stand. Ouch.

Martin sang again " I want you now". The Milanese were happy. It was an amazing mood, so much better then the first concert, the same phenomenon as in Berlin, but really amazing because it was an Monday evening. With " I feel you" and " Personal Jesus" an incredible show came to its end.

Video taken by Michael P. 
Thank you, because I'm not able to do anything else than dancing and screaming while " Personal Jesus"

picture taken by "Black Cat Net"

picture taken by " Black Cat Net"

I was so happy after the show, I'm lost for words. I know now only 5 winter shows left, really hard.
We went back to our hotel and spent a while together while drinking red wine.

Ciao Milan, it is not easy to say Goodbye to one of my favorite concert places. Will I ever come back to see Depeche Mode again here in this city? I don't know and so I'm so happy to write this blog because then I can remember this wonderful time in Milan.

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