Sonntag, 11. Februar 2018

Depeche Mode in Lodz, February 9 or number 50

Next morning we had to leave the wonderful city Krakow. I felt in love with it!

A short ride by train and we arrived in Lodz, the Polish say " Wuuuuutsch"!
Lodz means boat and the city emblem shows a boat. The city is a working town, it looks like it's designed on paper, most likely it was destroyed in World War II.
The town has a long street with old beautiful buildings and where many bars and restaurants are located.
The rest of the city: on the one hand Eastern block style, on the other hand modern office buildings, many hotel chains.

We went early to the concert to see the support group again: "Black Line", the new project of Douglas Mc Carthy, the singer of Nitzer Ebb. You all know Nitzer Ebb as supporting act of Depeche Mode of 1988 and 2010.
In Lodz the sound was much better than in Krakow. But is it not my music, Douglas Mc Carthy is like a hyperactive child on rital withdrawal.
Ater Black Lines 30 minutes left to made the stage ready for Depeche Mode. A very small Dj-Set, interrupted by the film for " Charity Water". Then the Beatles snippet and Depeche Mode entered the stage.

I was several time in Lodz for Depeche Mode concerts and like usual the Polish fans welcomed the band with a huge applause.
Nobody was seating and it was so warm in the arena.
The Atlas arena has a great inner space, but outside: bad planning, the situation with the restrooms and wardrobes was catastrophic.

Dave was in a special mood this evening, not a bad mood but a kind of riot mood.
He made lots of strange gestures, pulled faces and he spun on stage like a tiger in a cage ( I like this drawing circles....).
As he welcomed the audience he said " Good evening....War...." Not Lodz, sounded like an broken Warsaw! Maybe first he thought he was in Warsaw?

Martin in front of his "Home". Later he sang "I want you now!"

Later after " Everything counts" he said " You are really the best", no city funny.
But at the beginning of " Enjoy the silence" he spoke with Martin and then as he stood on the podium
" Lodz....yeah"! Lol, I think Martin told Dave like the city called.

" Never let me down" was so great. My 50th show of this tour.
In Lodz it was the last concert for a long time for my friend Thomas, not an easy "Goodbye" for all of us, so many concerts, so many cities, so many moments we shared! Get home safely, Thomas!

I started very calmly, but my master made such a good show that I jumped wild with my friends again to " Everything Counts".

Dave' performance came to it's climax while " Question of time". He struck his new tattoo on his right forearm as he sang " you know my kind"! Was it a message for his wife ?

Then we rocked together to " Personal Jesus" and hugged us all after, as the band also hugged.

Walked back to the hotel and had  last drink together. Next morning the train was coming very early. In Warsaw Thomas left the train for going back to Frankfurt, we rested in the train and went to Gdansk, our last station in Poland.

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