Sonntag, 11. Februar 2018

Depeche Mode In Krakow, February 7 or " le me hear you crying just for me"

Same procedure as last week, I took a very early train to Dusseldorf  from where we flew to Krakow via a short stop in Warsaw.

I love Poland, I spent many summers in Poland with my kids, but it was my first time in Krakow.

A beautiful small town, we arrived in the early afternoon and decided to take a short power nap. So we spent two hours in the hotel. Hotel Legend, near the old town, a very well designed hotel, I highly recommend it, if you want to go to Krakow. I'll come back, that's for sure.

As we left two hours later, the whole city was white, it had snowed heavily. Looked wonderful. After a delicious vegan kebab we went to the Tauron Arena, the biggest multi-purpose arena in Poland with an amazing LED front.

It was great concert! Dave welcomed the polish fans with a perfect " Good evening Krakow!", later he used the city name two times again: " Krakow, you are really the best" sand " Krakow, how are you doing?" I wondered about his never ending good mood, he is an Entertainment robot.
The polish fans made a very good show, too.
They chanted between the songs " Depeche Mode, Depeche Mode!"
For me it was concert number 49 on this tour and I was a little bit sad. As Dave sang the last lines of "Stripped". " let me hear you crying just for me", I was really deep touched.

I'm so happy having these feelings because the tour started so difficult for me, because at the beginning I was so far away of these feelings and at first I could not imagine feeling "so much love" again. But I did!!!!!
To " Everything counts" we jumped in our usual wild kind!
If you see films of " Everything counts" on You Tube or Facebook you can find us near the catwalk. The rubber balls!

To the last two songs, I screamed so much and loud, wow, couldn't believe I could do that!!!
After the show we bought many Depeche Mode magnets from a flying dealer and a T-shirt.
Then a last beer together before we slept!

Next morning after a good breakfast in our hotel we started a long walk through the snowy city.
We visited the St.Mary's church with the wonderful altar of Veit Stoss ( a polish sculptor), the Barbican, the castle and the biggest marketplace of the middle-age. What a city, unbelievable, I will definitely come back.

We made many stops in small bars or pump rooms to drink the national drink: Vodka and ate salty pickled cucumbers...
It was cold, but everything looked so clean, a wonderful day.
Later we had a great polish meal in the restaurant " Pijarska 17". Absolute delicious, I had pierogi with sauerkraut and potatoes with mashed beets. Lots of Vodka and wine.
Then we made a ruble through the city for more cocktails, beer and Vodka and we ended up in a karaoke bar and managed in no time to sing the bar empty....oooops.

It was a wild day, a kind of rockstar day with all these beer and vodka. It ended wild in our bathroom but that's another matter!

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