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Depeche Mode in St. Petersburg , July 13 or takeover by Thomas and Nancy

I'm happy to post a new blog about the concert in St. Petersburg, Russia, yesterday. Two friends of mine wrote a nice report. 
After the wonderful concert in Gelsenkirchen Depeche Mode played on two festivals. First one in Bilbao, BBK with a shorter setlist ( no "So much love" & " Poison heart", no " Wrong", no " Question of lust". I saw great pics on Facebook, but nobody had the time, lust or possibility to write a takeover. The same with the second festival, Depeche Mode in Lisboa, Nos Alive 2017. No " Corrupt", but " Wrong". " Judas" for " Somebody", otherwise the same like in Bilbao. And a " Happy Birthday"  for Mr. Andy " Fletch "Fletcher.

And now the start of the East Tour in St.Petersburg. A wonderful city, I was there on the last tour in winter and I fell in love with this wonderful historical city. I wanted to come back to the white nights in the summer, but I decided against it, because in a few days I would rather discover new territory in Cluj.

But a few friends went to St. Petersburg and Thomas and Nancy wrote the takeover for me.
I know Thomas since 2006 by a common friend and we have already experienced many concerts together in many European countries.
Nancy I know only since the last tour, but sometimes the spark jumps quickly.
So please enjoy the great written story of Nancy and Thomas.

St. Petersburg
After Annett, Nancy and Thomas had already met the brilliant final of the "Delta Machine Tour" in Moscow in 2014, they decided to go on a trip to Russia, but now to St. Petersburg. The entry into Russia with the expensive and elaborate visa was not quite easy, but St. Petersburg lures beside Depeche Mode and a fascinating city center also with its world famous "white nights"!

We started early at Frankfurt airport and landed in less than 3 hours in St. Petersburg. Shortly to the hotel, we took the subway to the "SKK Peterburgski", the largest permanently covered hall in Europe.

The way to the hall was through a large park, where we and hundreds of other fans were surprised by a thunderstorm as we have rarely experienced it. Wet to the skin, we saved ourselves in the ticket point area outside the hall and could see how the place before the inlet turned into a deep lake in which the water was ankle-high.

The entrance into the huge round hall itself was uncomplicated. Annett stood in the Front of the stage area, while Nancy and Thomas had standing in the significantly cheaper general standing area (FOS more than twice as expensive as general standing! ).

The opening act "Maya Jane Coles" consisted of a monotonous DJ set of a Blonde, combined with abstract videos.

Depeche Mode started shortly after 9 pm and played the classic set with "A Question Of Lust" and "Somebody". The mood in the hall was, unfortunately, subterranean: everyone was sitting in the ranks without exception, and Dave had a hard time animating the audience to sing along. He did not look very happy. The typical fan chanting for "Home" and "Everything Counts" did not take place - we felt that the audience did not know what to do! In "Never Let Me Down Again" whole blocks denied the collective arm swing. Very weak!

We were surprised by umbrellas in the inner space, as it seemed to rain in many places through the roof! The umbrellas were probably partially distributed by the security. At "Walking In My Shoes" a large red flare was lit in the middle of the standing area, which caused great astonishment!

The sound was also miserable: At first clearly too soft (felt quieter than the opening band), one later turned the bass powerfully, which ended in unsightly humming
All in all for us by far the worst concert of the tour so far. What a pity!!

On leaving the hall at about eleven o'clock p.m. an  unusual sight: the night sky was actually still bright, as if the dusk had just begun. Wonderful!

We went still to the Aftershowparty in the club "Kosmonaut", because already in 2014 the party after the concert in Moscow was a special highlight. This time it was even more better! We danced wildly until early in the morning, and traditionally some vodka was also drunk.

After this very disappointing concert day, we are now looking forward to 3 days of relaxed sightseeing in this great city.

Nancy Poitzsch and Thomas Gleitsmann

Thank you very much, my dear friends. I'm very sorry for you, it was not such a good concert. Unfortunately, I have a very similar experience in St. Petersburg in 2014. I pinned that on the bad mood within the band. Then it was the penultimate concert of the tour and Dave was very exhausted and one noticed that the band had been traveling together for too long.

I have to think about it. I hope, you will discover the beauty of this town!
The next concert is in Moscow. My friend Arkadi will write a takeover again for me. I'm very curious to know how it goes on.
I count the days to Cluj.
I miss you so much, Depeche Mode! 

" One more ride
I can't explain
my hesitation
we stop and start again
repeat the process we repeat the lie
time and time again
by and by."

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