Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017

Depeche Mode in Gelsenkirchen, July 4 or where we're all super stars

Back in my normal life I didn't have the time to write or work on this blog. So the concert in Gelsenkirchen is now one week ago.
I'm looking back and ask me where the time has gone?
The Globalspirit Tour started in Stockholm, May 5. Only two month ago. The time flew by. So many concert I saw, so many cities I visited, so many people I met. Wonderful 8 weeks.
I'm a lucky person, because one concert is left for me. I will fly to Cluj to the last concert of the summer tour. But most of my friends has their last summer concert in Gelsenkirchen and it was the last german concert until the winter, so it was a very special evening.
The presale was the worst in Gelsenkirchen. But this huge "Veltins Arena" was now full.
I like this stadium so much, but was never been on a concert in this stadium. I saw many football games of Schalke 04 there, because my kids and my brother are very big Schalke 04 fans.
We met many fans of Schalke 04 and I took a few pictures of them.
The roof of the stadium was closed. This created a special atmosphere. It was not dark, but neither bright, a sort of twilight light.
I felt like in a twilight zone. The first part of the tour is over. I was a little bit sad but not really because I have the possibility to go to California in autumn to see the concerts there.

We discovered this shopping cart. Bottle collectors are always on the big events on the way. Here someone had very lovingly decorated his cart for the event. We did a joke picture.


The stadium is very modern. The roof can be closed and the club can even drive its football lawn from the stadium.

There was a bar in the front of the stage area, but unluckily you had to wait 2 times to get drinks. First, to give the cup back and then buy new beer. And there were smaller cups. The beer was cheaper, one thought, no no, the cup was smaller.

Travel mates. Already a bit wistful. For the first time, our joint tour ends here until autumn.


And the last concert in Germany was from the first song a great party. Setlist as usual, Martin sang in the middle " Question of Lust" and "Home" and later " Judas".

I asked me the whole way to the stadium how Dave will greet the city " Gelsenkirchen". I think Gelenkirchen is not easy for a British to pronounce. And so he decided to welcome the fans with "good evening, everybody". Very funny.... I know my Mr. Gahan!!!

" Cover me". My friend Michael of Switzerland decided to take me to the catwalk, took me on his shoulders and I saw Dave come to me as he went towards the end of the catwalk. He made his typical "Cover me" dances and then he looked at me suddenly, pointed at me and threw me a kiss hand.
I had great trouble not to fall from my friend's shoulders. I was overwhelmed. The lyrics of the song fit so nicely. Unfortunately my friends did not take photos of it. But on "You tube" you can at least see Dave and his reaction to me, even if you do not see me.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7e6WQXRMNw  ( 3:49)
Thank you, Michael!

I will miss you all so much. Thank you all for sharing all this great moments with me the last two month.

The art in the video of " Walking in my shoes" is most likely the art of Mikey Woodbridge.

Dave and Andy embraced each other at the end, a very touching gesture. I hope very much that they have approached again.

Dave let himself be celebrated once again, but he had earned it too, because he really gave everything in the evening.

Sorry, this time I didn't have take many pictures and I have not to write so much as usual. I enjoyed this concerts with my friends, with many devotees. We celebrated our favorite band. I hope you all see Depeche Mode one time, because it's really worth it. Depeche Mode is my drug. 

This last two month were so incredible. With this blog I gave myself the chance to kept all these wonderful moments and emotions. Stay tuned. Hope you had fun with the blog. A little feedback would be nice.
Here a small video of the new fan singsong we created all together on this summer tour.

And then it was time to say "Goodbye". I hope I'll get messages from other devotees who have attended the other concerts between Gelsenkirchen and Cluj, so that I can at least keep you up to date. Your raging reporter is then back in Cluj. Stay devoted.

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