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Depeche Mode in Bologna, June 29 or simply the easiest

We left Milan after a few hours we visited the last supper.
A very comfortable journey with the train again.

In the train we met some other traveling friends from Germany.
You will always meet other traveling Depeche Mode fans on a long tour. We are a family, we are devotees.


As we arrived in Bologna we had to hurry up, because a storm swept up.
We rent a unbelievable great "Bed & Breakfast : Il Benvenuto Bologna", just a few minutes from the city center.
The owner has an 3 bedroom apartment. All rooms are big, very tastefully decorated. The bathrooms are bright and pulpy with very modern shower. Our host had many good ideas for us what we could do in Bologna.

We met a few mates on our trip to Bologna, which said " Bologna is not so exciting, only a few good bars, not more". So funny. Bologna need no words, you will see my pictures. Such a beautiful town. You need no travel guide for Bologna, walk through this small town, climb to one of the campaniles and discover a city that is unrivaled. Wonderful arcades run through all the streets. But it is good to know where to eat well, where there is the best ice cream.
Here is the link to the homepage of our Bed & Breakfast:
If you come to Bologna, you have to sleep here. One of the hosts wrote a book about his experience with his Bed & Breakfast.
I will read it and who knows, maybe on the next tour I will open a Bed & Breakfast specially for music travelers :
" Is simplicity best
Or simply the easiest?
The narrowest path
Is always the holiest"

The first evening we followed the recommendation of our host and dined in a very simple but typical Italian restaurant. A classic family business with old grandmother, businesslike daughter and sociable son. Some basic rocks as waiters. Many dishes were selected from a car, meat for example, as well as later the dessert. It was not quite as simple as Vegan, I then had this very simple but delicious gnocchi. We drank Lambrusco. If you are ever in Bologna, please do. It has nothing to do with the Lambrusco we know in Germany.

Next morning we awake very early. We solved our promise and jogged 40 minutes across the city.
It's the second time I ran in Italy. It is still hot in the early morning and I didn't want to get up earlier in my holidays.

After a good breakfast in the living room of the hosts, which them served very friendly, we started a walk through the city.
We were accompanied by loud chirping crickets squatting on all the trees of this green city. Just as the sun disappeared behind a cloud, it was immediately quiet as a mouse, came the sun back they started singing arias again. 
First station was the church San Michele in Boscolo. It was closed, but it is situated on a hill south of the city from which one can see wonderfully over the whole city. Then we needed a break and took a few drinks in the small bar "Bar Picnic" at the foot of the hill. After our third round they served us some snacks for free. Italians are the best!

Here with our travel guide: 

Then back to the city, the photos speak for themselves.
And after an late lunch we were ready for our last italian concert on the summer tour.

Bologna is an good city for cycling, because in the inner city not so many cars are allowed.

You have to try " Parmigiana di Melanzane", a typical casserole of aubergines.


The last concert was in the Stadium Renato Dall'Ara. An old but beautiful place for the last concert in Italy. Sold out and all are so excited for the last show here.

Channel " Depeche Mode"


I love the work of Depeche Mode for charity water. We all here are so privileged. Don't forget all the other people they are not!

The concert started as usual. From the first minute the whole audience is standing, they clapped their hands to every beat, sang from the first minute with Dave. One of the best concerts I've ever seen.

Most of the concerts we came late but this time I was early enough to see this guy: Sarne Thorogood, the monitor engineer of many tours of Depeche Mode. And a friendly guy, I met him a few times in several cities.

 This nice guys gave me a beer, no idea why, but just friendly!

 He smiled the whole concerts, said many times: " you are the best"!

 Do you see the dots on his fingers ? Ask me again why is he doing this ?

 "Will you cover me?"

 Yes, they have done it.

 Dave went out and we all need a while to recognize what Martin was singing:

"Is simplicity best
Or simply the easiest?
The narrowest path
Is always the holiest
So walk on barefoot for me
Suffer some misery
If you want my love
If you want my love".

Judas...... unbelievable but so well earned.

The whole atmosphere, the celebrating italians, the band in an unbelievable good mood, surrounded by friends.... I will never forget.

 Happy happy woman!

 Martin gave us another highlight: "Strangelove"!

 I thought a long time about the video to " Walking in my shoes". I heard the story behind it, now. The main actor is a guy who lives in Berlin. He is not an actor, he is playing himself in the video.
His name is Mikey Woodbridge. He is a singer and a drag queen, I think. But now I like the video. Don't know why Anton Corbijn is supporting him, but I like it.

"I feel you". Our rockstar is back. To the end of the summer tour Mr. Gahan is the the screaming and spitting rock star, as we know and love him. 

After the "Goodbye" the Italians demanded " Just can't get enough" by singing:

 Devotees met again. On the Delta Machine tour in London I met this nice Italians the first time.
We kept in touch and finally we met again. What a pleasure.

 All together with the whole family the Italians come to Depeche Mode.

 Fantastic setlist! Grazie mille, Depeche Mode.

After the concert it was time for a last supper. Just Pizza and a few beer. This nice guy came only for Depeche Mode from Ibiza.

Buonanotte Bologne!

So next morning we deposited our luggage in our Bed & Breakfast and made a last walk through Bologna. We ate wonderful ice cream at Cremeria Funivia. Try it!

We visited a market ( Mercato delle Erbe) in the inner city near by the Piazza Maggiore. Wow. Unbelievable. I wanted to stay there. I love food and I like the way Italians celebrate their meals.
I bought a few tomatoes and peaches. 

So it was time to go to the airport. For 20 € we could take a taxi. We enjoyed a last Lambrusco and then had to say heavy heart's goodbye.

" If you want my love, if you want my love...."
You can have my love Italy! 

Arrivederci Italia. See you in winter!

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