Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2013

Depeche Mode in Bremen or he touched my heart

Tuesday in Bremen:
Depeche Mode played in the OVB Arena.
I went to Bremen with two girlfriends via car because it's not so far away from home.
It was a "normal" concert with the same setlist as every time.
I asked myself what is the secret of a good concert?
I think it is an interaction between the band, the crowd and your own person. Sometimes the crowd isn't in a good mood and I don't like the concert.
But sometimes you self are in an unbelievable good mood and you rock the concert just for yourself.
Me and my both girlfriends we were in this good mood in Bremen.
We got amazing places in the first row at the mezzanine and had a wonderful view to the catwalk.
We had so much fun together. Martin sang " Shake the disease" as encore and I sat down and thought about my life with Depeche Mode and specially with Martin Gore.
Long long time ago I had a chance encounter with him and he did me a big favor and so he was a real moment in my life. The next song was " Halo", Dave went back on stage and I remembered at the wonderful days in Berlin last week with my friends.

 I come to the conclusion:  those moments together are my secret of Depeche Mode.
The music, the friends, the cities, the fun, the loose contacts, all together made the fascination of a tour.

And best song for me at this evening: " Just can't get enough".
At the end of the song Dave danced over the catwalk and he saw me dancing and he copied my dance, he smiled to me, he pointed at me and he beated at his heart.
Yes, sounds unbelievable but it's the truth, I gave my best at the moment I noticed he saw me.
At the end of the song he thanked the crowd in German, he said " Danke schön!"

It is another piece in the big puzzle Depeche Mode!!

So now only a few picture and a link to a video of " Just can't get enough".
At the end ( 2:42 min) you can see his reaction on me.

Thank you Sylvia and Melanie for this great night and thank you, Paul alias Carsten for the beer and funny conversation at the bar!

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