Montag, 9. Dezember 2013

Depeche Mode in Amsterdam or " Never let me down again!"

At Saturday our travel group of six friends took the train to Amsterdam.
Normally the train to Amsterdam needs two hours from Cologne to Amsterdam, no changing.

Now, specially for us, the train needs more than 4 hours and you have to change. Construction works, grrr!

But we made the best of the situation and reached Amsterdam at noon in a very good mood.
First we had lunch in the Jamie Oliver restaurant " Fifteen's".
It is close to the main station in a new area of very modern buildings in the Eastern Docklands.
The idea behind the restaurant is to give 15 youngsters between 17 and 25 years a new chance by being educated to become a host/hostess or chef. The trainees will be intensively accompanied.
For this reason the menu is small and will be changed every two months.
We had a great lunch, so tasty and not to expensive for this high quality.

Then we checked into our hotel, which was very close to the main station. Very comfortable and we had a great view over the docklands. " Doubletree by Hilton ". If you book very early it's a snip!!

We needed a rest, I was still ill ( a cold) and we met later to drive with the Metro to the Ziggo dome, a
brand-new arena next to the stadium of Ajax Amsterdam.
The arena is very modern ( a little bit to modern. First you have to buy tokens which you can get the drink. And a little to much huts with eating).

We had seats this evening. You can say we sat "backstage", so far behind the stage.
But I liked this view, we was in row one, and we saw the band in a totally different perspective.

The concert was completely sold out, wow.
But there was many people which ate at the concert and many people sat the whole concert and tried to force the people in front of them to sit down, too.
It's a difficult discussion. I think Depeche Mode is pop music, sometimes rock, very danceable and I'm sure, Depeche Mode want that the audience is rocking. Difficult.
We had fun, we made us fun like every time . I think we are in such a privileged situation, I don't want to beef!! Suffer well, if you know what I mean.

Dave seemed to like the challenge, he pirouetted again and again, made many small dancing steps on his " high heels " and invited the crowd to sing along. And it worked. Slowly, but it worked.
Amsterdam sang along, and really good!!!
Martin sang " Slow" again. Later he danced very jolly to " Enjoy the silence", Dave went down on his knees before him!

Mr. Anton Corbjin was the whole concert on stage or beside the stage, he made pictures wis a small digital camera and he had many friends with him. It was great to watch him. At " Never let me down again" he climbed on a loudspeaker box and made pictures of the crowd as they swung their arms.
I loved this moment because the crowd looked like the raps field in his video ( one of his best ) with the swinging arms and Dave ( on the catwalk) stood in the field.
Then Mr. Corbjin sang along:
"I'm taking a ride with my best friend.
 I hope he never let me down....!"
I was so fascinated and impressed. Wonderful moment.

Only one drop of bitterness: after the common bow of the band, all hugged each other, but nobody hugged Andy. Even Martin ignored him.
That's not professional. There was no statement of the band to a critical incident, so they cannot bully him publicly. Equal what happened behind the scenes, they must behave normal in the public.

We met many friends after the show, even a friend from the USA.
I like this big melting point called Depeche Mode concert.

Last drink in the Sky bar in our hotel with a wonderful view over Amsterdam.

Sunday we roamed through the city with the small skew houses, short bridges over the many canals.
We enjoined the peaceful atmosphere of love, peace (!) and amusement!

Thank you Amsterdam for two great days.
Small present for my kids from Amsterdam was Fla. It's a kind of blancmange. Very tasty!!

Now I'm back home and only one concert left this year for me. Friday I will fly to Oslo, but already now I get the feeling of "Never let me down again". It's pathetic!!

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  1. Nice pictures of Amsterdam and the nightside from the Hilton Hotel Lounge!
    Very emphatic report of the concert and Anton Corbijn´s work this evening!
    Love this block!!!