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Depeche Mode in Moscow or " Goodbye"

The train to Moscow was a very modern Intercity train like we know from Germany.
In less then four hours we reached Moscow, very tired but curious, too.
Due to our friend Arkadi, he is Russian, we found our hotel very fast.
It was a so called micro hotel, a hotel in a normal apartment building in a normal neighbourhood, not so central.
Our hotel was located in a poor neighbourhood, I, for one, thought that.
But Arkadi explained that it was a very ordinary area.
 I understood what he meant, as we went to the airport by train on the last day and went through the suburbia.
But inside: our hotel was great. Big rooms, clean, with all facilities you need!
But, no one at the reception could speak English!
And no street names or sub stations in Roman alphabet.
But after a day I was able to decipher the Cyrillic script.

Watch my first pictures from the skyline of Moscow.
Characteristic are the buildings in confectioner style!!

Altough we was very tired we went by the subway into the city of Moscow.
We heard that Depeche Mode will be part of a charity event in a big luxury department ( CUM) store in cooperation with the watch label Hublot.
Hublot created some watches with a Depeche Mode emblem.
The earned profit of this watches was distributed to a charity water organisation.

We found the entrance of the event where many very rich and stylish people 
were admitted. But fans were not invited .
But we snatched an advertising brochure for the event with pictures of Depeche Mode.
Better then nothing.

But Depeche Mode are now in-crowd.
I don't like that!!

After a short meal it was time for the red place.
What an unbelievable location, never saw something before.
Beautiful, really.
The red place is called red because the red buildings but red stand also for beautiful.
We visited the amazing Basilius Cathedral.
If you ever go to Moscow you have to visit this cathedral.
Then we made a stop in the luxury Gum,
a restored shopping mall in Art Nouveau.
Then it was time for dinner.
We found a restaurant which offered a hot and cold buffet, so I could point to what I want.
The Russian cuisine have many dishes with mushrooms and they make lot of different pickles, so if you are vegetarian, it isn't a problem in Russia.
After a digestion walk we met some friends.
It was our next-to-last evening on tour and as I fell into my bed in our hotel
the sadness took possession of me.


one of the few signs in Roman alphabet

 The rising gate is the entry of the Red Place

Bronze plaque on the ground
in front of the gate, a kind of
zero-point of all streets in whole Russia!!

Museum of History

Cathedral of the MotherGod of Kasan

Wall of the Kremlin

                                                                 Basilius Cathedral



Bolschoi Theatre

Next morning after a good breakfast with blinys ( small  pancakes)
we visited the Kremlin.
Wow, wonderful churches with the gravesites of tsars and
grand dukes.
Unfortunately it wasn't allowed to take pictures
inside the churches.

It was so funny, we met some friends, fans of depeche Mode, too, at the entrance of the Kremlin.
Sometimes the world is small.
The weather was great, there was a winter?
It was 8 degrees celsius, that was unbelievable for Russia in March.
For me, there was no winter this year, in January I was in Spain, in February in Italy.
No winter depression this year!
We strolled through Moscow and two hours before the concert we had a last dinner together.

We went by the subway to the concert hall.
The stations are not so deep under the earth like in St. Petersburg but a few of them looked like a lobby of a palace.

Komsomolskaja station

And then it was concert time for the last time of the Delta Machine Tour.

The Olimpiiski is a large indoor arena and is divited into two separated halls.
Depeche Mode payed in one part of this arena.
Maybe 20000 people saw the last concert.
We bought our last merchandise t-shirts, because the merchandise is different from the rest of the world because the tariff regulations.
Bummer!! My last concert and there was no beer.
At the bar they had a few sorts of hard liquor but no beer.
So I drank a brown rum.
The atmosphere was much better than in St. Petersburg but no comparison with Italy.
I went alone to the third row,  a last concert is a special event, I have to do it all alone.
I could not say much about this concert, it was passing like a daydream.
I cannot speak about it.

There was no set change, only Martin sang " Judas" as his third song.
As he was on the catwalk fans gave him a bouquet of flowers and he laughed with all body.
It was the evening before the International Women's Day, which is in Russia a big holiday!

Before they started with " Never let me down" Dave thanked the crew and the fans.
His voice broke a little bit.
This was a very emotional moment.

Everything has an end and it is more than justice that 
the last concert ( maybe forever) ended with " Never let me down".
It's logically.
I cannot share this moment, I will keep this moment forever in my heart.

I needed a few minutes after the concert before I went to my friends.
The boys went to the Aftershow party, I met another friends from Cologne and the USA and we had a few last beer together in a small nice bar and reminisced.
That was good for calming down.
I came in the middle of the night back to my hotel and grabbed the suitcase and 
allowed myself a last beer and a last cigarette.

At 11 o'clock in the morning I met my friends and we went by subway and train to the Domodedovo
Airport and waited on our aircraft.

There isn't to say much more.
We arrived in Dusseldorf in the early afternoon and went by train to Cologne.
Cologne received me with an early spring and I was happy to be back home.

Stay tuned for a complete review and some statistics!!!

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