Montag, 23. April 2018

Depeche Mode in São Paulo, March 27 or "things get damaged"

So, my last South America blog is written.

You can read it here, because I wrote the review for the great blog of David McElroy (check it out):

Now I will have a break from nearly 2 months until I start again with the " Isle of Wight" festival.

How you could read, the South America tour ended for me with mixed feelings.

But only concerning Depeche Mode.

The journey was the best in my life, I never saw so beautiful places, discovered so interesting cities, experienced so much.

In the next days I will post here a few more pictures of the journey and will share a few experiences.

Come back if you are interested.

The countdown is started, only a few concerts left on this tour and after the tour, the blog will come to its end.

But I love blogging, so I will start a new blog, a mix of my normal life in my hometown Cologne with event tipps, ideas to survive in this city, restaurant tipps, recipes for vegan meals, journey experiences, concert reviews ( no Depeche Mode).

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