Donnerstag, 5. November 2015

Dave Gahan & The Soulsavers in Milan or "... don't say Goodbye".

I will start my last entry of this small tour with a excerpt of one my favorite songs of their second album : "Lately"

"Just give me one more chance, don't say Goodbye."

That's my conclusion of this ten days.

I only slept 3 hours this night and I have to work in 1 hour. I came back from Milan right now, sitting here at my small desk and want to give you a few impressions of the last concert.

After landing in Milan, I walked a little bit around because I was waiting for friends. As they arrived we had lunch together. Great italian Pizza in a big restaurant near our hotel. The waiter was a funny guy. He chaffed me because I wore a Gigi Buffon football shirt. I'm a big Juventus Turin Fan and when I'm in Italy I wear always my Gigi jersey. But the waiter was a fan of AC Milan and he shaked constantly his head with uplifted forefinger and tried to steal my Juve shawl. He had his fun and we as well.

Many italians gave me a good reaction on my jersey, because the most of them like Gigi Buffon.

After the lunch we took the tube and then a small tube to the new arena Fabrique.
It was 2 o'clock p.m and they stood nearly 200 people waiting for the entrance. A few of them has slept in front of the venue.
So we spent the time there very relaxed, with beer and meeting friends.
Ads we came into the venue we snatched the row.Good view.

It was a grandiose concert, Dave looked so relaxed. He was another man on this tour.
He eclipsed of his cage, the cage of Depeche Mode, in which he ran back and forth like a restless tiger. I enjoyed every minute. The time ran so fast, I didn't believe and I was under his spell, it was hard to move, because I was paralyzed.

"Just give me one more chance, don't say goodbye".

It would become ever wilder from concert to concert, I'm sure.
This time he played wild games with the cord from the microphone and he danced more expressive than the other concerts.

And maybe he didn't want to lapse in the Depeche Mode frequency.
So he went, as it was at its best.

The last four songs, wow, the italiens went crazy. " Condemnation" was sung by the whole audience.
And it fit,  because he sang it the last time in Milan at his "Dirty sticky floor" tour.

At "Walking on my shoes" I had tears running down. I felt happy and sad at once.
And then, this was the end. He made no second encore. " See you last time", he said and then Dave and the Soulsavers bowed  and embraced each other.

Someone of the stage crew made a pictures of them, the bassist Martyn Lenoble had the idea and he tweeted the picture on his account. We know him from the Dirty sticky tour, because he was the bassist then , too.

Now I could only say thank you to Dave and the Soulsavers and the great audience.
Dave, these memories will be my sun in cloudy days. I will take them to the future.

In the concert I looked for Gigi Buffon, because he like Depeche Mode, and earlier in the evening a friend ask me, when Dave and Gigi are both in the concert and I have to choose one for a dinner, whom I would choose?
I said I think Gigi, but in the concert I realized Dave is my 34years long idol. I ever will choose him.
As I saw the picture which was on the back of the "Speak &Spell" cover,

I was a fan of him.
My schoolfriend Klausi bought the album and I looked to the cover and said, I want to hear this right now and a new era began on the day for me.

After the concert we went by taxi into the city and drank only one beer together , but it was a big one....
Then hotel and I slept for 3 hours before I take the Malpensa shuttle to the airport and the flight back home.

Thank you to all the friends I met for spending a great time together.
Thank you for reading my blog, hope you will came back one day....

I started with his words and I will close with his words:

"Hm you take me back there
 hm take me back home please
 hm no I can't go in there
 just take me back home
 home it's where I wanna be "

next one is the picture from the Martyn l
Lenoble tweet: 

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