Samstag, 30. September 2017

Depeche Mode in Las Vegas and Schulzi flying high

Good Morning!
Second day in Las Vegas!
Last night I slept so much better.
We had an amazing day yesterday.
I ran nearly an hour to The Stratosphere Tower on the Strip and back.
The area is changing really hard after the last Luxus Hotel Circus Circus. Empty building plots, covered Parking spaces, liquor stores, cheap gift stores and many strange people.
Must be so hard to live as a homeless, but here in this glitter flitter way of life must be more harder.
Then I had an very healthy breakfast in the Venetian Court.
I love this rebuilt world of ancient Europe.
Then a few rounds in the spacious hotel pool and I was ready for the first trip in this country with my friends.
We drove to the Sky Walk of the Grand Canyon.
Words are not enough to describe this nature spectacle, it look like painted not real.
I enjoyed the silence of this wonderful place and fought with my Vertigo.
Then a short stop to take some Joshua Tree pictures ( The name was given to the plant by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who mimed the thin outstretched branches with the arms of the Old Testament leader, Joshua, who led the Israelites to the promised land).
And another stop at the Hoover dDam between Arizona and Nevada.
The dam provides the water supply of Las Vegas. At the moment a historical water level is reached.

The day ended with a great vegan meal in the " Veggie House" at the3 Chinese Quarter of Las Vegas and a walk on the strip with a huge Margerita in my hand.
I felt totally happy in my bed and now enjoy my pictures.
Today is concert day, I'm very excited to see Depeche Mode again.

                                          Warm up for running in the early morning.


Strike the pose: 

Where am I ?

Day Trip:

This funny guys live in the Grand Canyon area:
Prong Horns

With my beloved travel mates :

The Eagle Point:

Colorado River

A rest of an old funicular....


Happy happy day

looks like painted

picnic time at the parking space

Joshua Tree

Hovver Dam

Back on the strip

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